Top Tips for Protecting your Home from Pests During the Holidays

Pests should be the last thing on your mind during the holidays!

Between baking treats, trying to keep up with the holiday rush, and enjoying the season to the fullest, there’s no time to deal with bugs and other pests. Here are some tips for protecting your home from pests during the holidays.

Top Tips for Protecting your Home from Pests During the Holidays

Tip 1: Inspect Your Christmas Tree and Other Foliage

Common bugs found in trees and other foliage include spiders, mites, and aphids. Though mostly harmless, it doesn’t mean you want them making their way inside your house. When choosing a tree, be sure to inspect it for webs, holes in the bark, insect eggs, or other signs of pests.

Tip 2: Don’t Leave the Holiday Treats for Pests to Find

Gingerbread houses are a fun part of the season, but they can attract roaches and rodents. Make sure to properly store them by placing your gingerbread house in the fridge at night or displaying them in a glass cake stand. Properly store all other holiday treats in airtight containers.

Tip 3: Open Holiday Decorations Outside to Check for Pests

Depending on where and how you store your decorations, you will want to inspect the boxes for any signs of pests before bringing them indoors. You will want to look for nibbled boxes, animal droppings on the lid, or evidence of nesting. When storing decorations for the following year, consider using sealed, plastic containers that make it hard for pests to get inside.

Tip 4: Be Ready for the Holidays with Regular Pest Control Services

Taking precautions to keep your home safe from pests for the holidays is great, and so is knowing you have a trusted professional on call. Keeping up with regularly scheduled pest control services during the holiday season is another preventative measure that will ensure your home is protected. If pests do manage to hitch a ride on a reindeer, it’s always best to leave it to the pros!

These are just a few tips to keep your home protected from pests during the holidays. May they help keep your home merry, bright, and pest-free!!

Holiday Pest Control Services in Hilton Head

If you find you have problems with pests during the holidays, Hilton Head Exterminators is here to help. We offer residential and commercial pest control services throughout South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Let us protect your home from pests this season!