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Hilton Head Island Termite Control 

Termite Treatment & Prevention in Coastal South Carolina 

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to residential and commercial properties each year. At Hilton Head Exterminators, we offer termite control on Hilton Head Island and Coastal South Carolina. Our skilled and certified termite control technicians utilize the most effective products and methods for termite treatment and prevention. 

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Skilled Technicians for Termite Control & Prevention 

Lowcountry homeowners may not be fully aware of the risk termites pose or the amount of destruction they can cause. The risk of termite exposure is high in Coastal South Carolina. In fact, termites cause more damage than hurricanes, house fires, and earthquakes combined. Unlike those events, termite damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. 

The most common and destructive termite in North America is the Eastern Subterranean termite. Another damaging termite in our area of the country is the aggressive Formosan termite. A subterranean termite colony can grow to have hundreds of thousands or even a million or more workers. 

Termites live underground and tunnel up into homes and commercial buildings through mud tubes. They get inside the house unseen and feed on the wood behind the walls. They can be quietly causing severe structural damage long before property owners are alerted to their presence. By the time you realize you have termites, you could be looking at expensive property damage. 

Signs that indicate the presence of termites include: 

  • Small mud tubes coming from the ground to the foundation 
  • Discarded termite wings around windows and doors
  • Tight doors and windows 
  • Sinking floors 
  • Hollow sounding wood around doors and windows 
  • Termite drippings that look like sawdust

If you have noticed any of the signs of termites, don’t wait to call for a professional termite inspection. Discovering a termite problem as early as possible is the best way to minimize damage to your property. Due to the potential for extensive and widespread damage, you should never wait to call for termite control on Hilton Head Island. 

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Call to Stop & Prevent Termite Damage 

Termites are challenging to detect and treat because they tunnel deep into the hidden areas of your home. Effective termite treatment requires termite control services from qualified pest control technicians with professional grade products. Getting rid of a termite infestation is not a do-it-yourself job. 

Since termites are so destructive, prevention is the best way to avoid property damage. A termite treatment plan comes with a warranty for your peace of mind and protection. The protection plan can be renewed each year to help guard against future infestations. 

The skilled and experienced technicians at Hilton Head Exterminators utilize safe and effective methods for termite control, such as Termidor, Sentricon, and Borate. We offer free termite inspections to identify the presence of termites and recommend the most effective termite control on Hilton Head Island for your building. 

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