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Reliable Bed Bug Solutions for Hilton Head and Bluffton

Bed bugs don’t spread serious disease, but an infestation is extremely upsetting, embarrassing, and difficult to eradicate. Hilton Head Exterminators has more than five decades of experience in our industry. We utilize the most effective methods for bed bug control on Hilton Head Island and surrounding areas of Coastal South Carolina. 

If you are worried about the possibility of bed bugs, Call our Bluffton office at 843-627-2509 or our Hilton Head office at 843-632-5049 to schedule an appointment today.

Comprehensive Bed Bug Treatment Options

Once thought to be eradicated from the United States, bedbugs have come roaring back and are now found in homes and commercial properties throughout the nation. The pests developed resistance to the pesticides formerly used to eliminate them, which allowed the population to explode and spread rapidly. 

Bed bugs are often found in: 

  • Hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hospitals
  • College dorms
  • Libraries
  • Movie theaters
  • Bus stations
  • Taxis
  • Shopping centers

Bed bugs often get picked up and brought home with you when traveling, staying in a hospital, or trying on clothes in a dressing room. They also spread from neighboring apartments or hotel rooms and, without professional treatment, these insects can take over the whole house or building. For this reason, you shouldn’t wait to call for help when you notice live bugs or other signs of an infestation. 

Bed bugs are generally found in and around beds, mattresses, and baseboards in the bedroom. If the infestation gets large enough, they will venture out into other areas of the house. The bugs are flat and about the size of an apple seed. Other signs of bed bugs include small red or brown stains on sheets or mattresses, shed bedbug skins, and bites clustered close together. 

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Bed bug treatment options include: 

  • Heat remediation with optional residual chemical treatment – Heat treatment uses specialized heaters and fans to raise the temperature and circulate heat to kill bedbugs. An optional residual chemical treatment can be used with the heat remediation, if needed. The residual chemicals can prevent bedbugs from returning. 
  • Fumigationwith optional residual chemical treatment – The house is fumigated to eliminate existing bed bugs. A residual chemical treatment can be used after fumigation to stop reinfestation.
  • Traditional chemical treatment – Chemical treatment can be highly effective, if the right products are used. A combination treatment can include a chemical for initial treatment, residual chemicals to stop bedbugs from coming back, and a dust to get into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs tend to hide. 

The right option for bed bug control on Hilton Head Island depends on several factors. Your pest control technician can inspect your home to identify the presence of bedbugs and provide you with treatment options that will work best for your situation. 

Call For a Bed Bug Inspection 

If you have noticed any of the signs of a possible bed bug problem, don’t wait to call for an inspection. Bed bugs are nocturnal and great at hiding during the day, so they can be multiplying in the hidden areas of your home. 

schedule an appointment for bedbug control by calling our Bluffton office at 843-627-2509 or our Hilton Head office at 843-632-5049.

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