6 Easy Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your House

As we head into colder months, rodents begin looking for warm places to nest; make sure one of those spots is not your house.

With fall weather starting to cool things down, rodents will start to look for places to keep warm. They look for any spot to nest, and often those warm spots become your family’s home. Don’t let that happen! Below are some pro tips to help keep rodents out of your house.

Rodents pose a huge threat to homes, especially in the fall and winter months. They can cause costly damage to your house and electrical wiring, carry diseases and contaminate food. Taking these steps to keep rodents out of your house will help keep your home and family safe.

6 Easy Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your House 

Make sure all food is well stored.

Rats, mice, and other rodents need food, water, and shelter to survive. Rats can easily find food sources if they are not well contained. Get trash cans with lids, store any open food in airtight containers, and keep fruit in the fridge instead of a countertop bowl. If you feed pets outdoors, do not leave their food sitting out overnight.

Cut off any open water sources.

This one can be harder to accomplish because rodents can find water in places you may least expect it. Water that has pooled near the bathtub drain, the dog’s water dish, and even residual water at the bottom of potted plants. Do a quick inventory of your house and try to lessen water sources wherever possible. 

Do a home inspection and fill in any points of entry.

Rats are small, and mice are even smaller. Rodents are sneaky and can use even the smallest of holes to find their way into your home. Do a thorough home inspection, or hire someone to do one for you. Check the entire perimeter of the house and fill in any holes or cracks that are found- no matter how small. 

Keep rodents out of the house by taking care of the yard.

The nearer rodents get to the house, the more likely they are to come inside. If you have fruit trees or a vegetable garden, be sure to clear away any food as it falls. Trimming back trees, bushes, and other plants that rodents might nest in so that they are at least 4 feet from the house is also helpful.

Use natural rodent repellents around your home.

Rodents may love a lot of things, but there are some things they hate. Mice do not like the smell of peppermint, pepper, or cloves. Sprinkle peppermint oil at entry points of your home or plant a peppermint bush in the garden. Make a rodent repellent potpourri. Consider getting a cat, as they make great rat-catchers and also scare them away.

Bring in the rodent professionals.

If you really want to ensure that your home has the best protection possible, you will want to hire a professional. Experienced rodent control specialists will do a home assessment to help identify the best way to keep rodents out of your house. Contacting a professional is especially important if you have already seen signs of rodent activity in your home.

Don’t let any unwanted visitors into your home this season. Add these 6 easy steps for keeping rodents out of your house to your fall to-do list!

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