Hilton Head Exterminators offers best local termite protection

We buy insurance for all types of protection, whether it’s for our health or our valuables. Your home is one of your largest valuables. Don’t trust that normal homeowners’ insurance covers it all, like termite damage.

Termite damage is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy even though termites are responsible for more damage every year than earthquakes, house fires, and hurricanes combined. In Georgia and South Carolina, the risk of termite exposure is extremely high, making termite treatments and protection absolutely necessary. 

As with most insurance policies, they are only as good as the companies that stand behind them. Hilton Head Exterminators is proud to offer the best local termite warranty to Lowcountry homeowners. More than 10,000 homeowners trust us to protect one of their most valuable investments against termites, and you should, too!

For existing homes, our protection starts with a thorough inspection, inside and outside your home. Then, our professionally trained technicians apply product around the outside, creating a protective barrier to prevent termites from entering your home. After payment and completion of the treatment, we will issue our warranty to you. Depending on the recommendation of the inspector, we will issue a repair and retreat warranty or a retreatment warranty for up to ten years. 

For new home construction, majority of the local and national builders trust Hilton Head Exterminators to protect their future homeowners. Our office offers easy scheduling and treatments to ensure the home building process is never delayed. We also include new homeowner education about our products and process so they can rest assured we have them covered.

We work with homeowners and builders to eliminate termites and protect their properties at the lowest possible price, while still providing quality workmanship.

South Carolina regulatory does not require termite companies to re-inspect treated homes each year. At Hilton Head Exterminators, we re-inspect your home every year as a courtesy to make sure there is no live infestation or damage.

We focus on protection and homeowner education. Termites love moisture, so anything that produces moisture in and around your home should be eliminated: fix any leak immediately. Other preventative measures include getting rid of any debris—like firewood, scrap lumber, or tree stumps—from the home and any wood-to-ground contact by your home, like decking. If you choose to install a deck, make sure it is constructed with pressure-treated wood.

Homeowners and business owners have trusted Hilton Head Exterminators to protect their properties for 50 years…and counting! You don’t have to look far to find the best protection for your family; trust Hilton Head Exterminators, the island’s first pest control company.

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