Five Winter Pests to Watch Out For

In the South Carolina lowcountry, a true winter rarely comes (except for this past January; holy snow and ice!). But it doesn’t take a huge temperature drop for winter pests to become a nuisance. 


Yes, you read that right. People normally associate termites and termite swarms with warmer weather, but did you know they make a second wave in the fall? Yup, right now. These winter pests are known to swarm in October and November and reproduce until February. Eastern Subterranean termites pose the greatest risk to Lowcountry homeowners. They are aggressive insects that cause more than $5 billion in damage nationwide each year. Don’t let your guard down yet! 


I’m sure we’ve all wanted to have a pet raccoon after watching Pocahontas, but these winter pests are not as friendly as Meeko. Raccoons mainly live in wooded areas, but can make their way into your home through your attic or chimney. Raccoons only need 4 inches to squeeze into your home! They are a major carrier of rabies. Be sure to keep outdoor trash can lids secure so they can’t get in them for food, seal up any openings around the outside of your home, and trim away limbs and branches from your home. 

Mice and Rats

Rodents crave a warm place and easy access to food inside your home. Don’t let these winter pests make your home theirs! Rodents will find any way to get inside and will camp out behind walls and appliances as well as in crawlspaces.

  • Prepare now; seal up any holes around the outside of your home and underneath
  • Seal up any food sources, too, to make your home less attractive to them 


We just can’t seem to get rid of them, even with cooler temperatures! Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects (Want to know why? Read it here!). They can survive as long as there is plenty of food and humidity, which we seem to have plenty of. If you have a roach problem, call us! Let us handle it because roaches can quickly grow resistant to DIY methods. 


Are you planning a Thanksgiving trip or holiday trip in December? Be careful! Even with a cooler outdoor temperature, bedbugs still thrive. These winter pests are world travelers hitching a ride in luggage and on clothing. They’ve been found on planes and hotel rooms, so be on the lookout for the signs:

  • Check hotel headboards, mattresses and boxsprings for small, clustered dark blood stains
  • Hang clothing; do not lay them on the ground, bed, or furniture
  • Place luggage on luggage racks, not on floors, and as far away from the bed as possible
  • Vacuum out suitcases and immediately wash all clothing in hot water upon returning home
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