Pest Control Problems After a Storm

We know that homeowners can face many problems after a storm passes, one of those being pests. 

Living in the Lowcountry, daily storms can be the norm. As a result, homeowners can face yard debris, damage to their homes, and often unwanted pests in their homes.

Flies Can be a Big Nuisance After a Storm

If a storm is strong enough to knock down power lines and cause power loss to your home, here are some helpful tips on pests. When losing power, the first thing to go bad is all the food you have in the refrigerator and freezer. Ensure you immediately place these food items in a garbage can away from your home. If these foods rot near your house, you will soon notice more and more house flies and fruit flies. Look out for anything that is soaking wet and doesn’t look like it will dry quickly. Wet puddles and debris are breeding grounds for annoying gnats and other flies.

Cockroaches Love Water Sources

With big storms come lots of water puddles, perfect spots for cockroaches to breed, including your basements, garages, cellars, and crawl spaces. They can also be found in the sewer and other pipes that lead in and out of your house. When water fills up pipes, it makes it easier for cockroaches to climb out and into your home in spots like your kitchen and bathrooms. Eliminate any food sources they can get into. If your home isn’t providing them with anything to eat and drink, likely, they won’t hang around for too long. Keep your kitchen clean and get rid of any crumbs and standing water.

Mosquitos Thrive in Standing Water

If you’ve ever been around a marsh or pond, you know how many mosquito bites you can leave with. Keep this in mind after a big storm. Check your yard and reduce as much standing water as possible. Try to take good care of your lawn beforehand, tall grass is a good place for mosquitos to thrive. If your mosquito problem becomes too much, we offer mosquito treatment services.

Call Your Local Pest Control Company

Give us a call if this rainy weather is attracting more than just water. Hilton Head Exterminators has experienced technicians that can help eliminate any pest problems after a storm.