Do You Need Pest Control Year-Round in South Carolina?

Four season represented on a tree with the title "Do you need pest control year-round in south Carolina?"

Pests are a problem every season, so you should have pest control year-round. 

Not many people think about pests until they become a problem, which can sometimes be too late. Every season has annoying pests that can cause havoc around your home or commercial property. 

Winter Pests in South Carolina

The most common pest of all is rodents in the wintertime. Because the weather is getting colder, they're likely seeking some warmer shelter until springtime. Like rodents, cockroaches also search for more hospitable refuge during this time. So even though cockroaches are more active in the summer, you will still see them around. Silverfish, spiders, ants, and termites don’t disappear just because it’s cold outside, it is important to have a protective barrier around your home to avoid any run-ins with pests even in the winter.

Spring Pests in South Carolina

Living in the southern part of the world, some insects stay around all year, so you might have to always look out for them. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitos are some of the most pests you can start to see coming out in the springtime. Of course, these are pests you mainly have to worry about outside, but it's still important to take notice of them during spring. If you have kids or pets that enjoy running around in the yard, it'd be practical to get a pest control service out to your home as soon as possible to take preventative actions. 

Summer Pests in South Carolina

While the weather becomes warmer, cockroaches are becoming more active during these months, so be on the lookout for them. Fire ants and mosquitos are other popular pests that people living in South Carolina deal with throughout the summer. Although you may see fire ant hills throughout the year, they mainly only come outside during summer. Calling a pest control company to prevent the hills or colonies from becoming bigger is best. 

Fall Pests in South Carolina

The two most common insects in the fall are the Boxelder bug and the Kudzu bug, commonly known as the stink bug. Fortunately, these insects are harmless to humans compared the other pests. But that doesn't make them any less annoying. They usually come inside buildings and homes during this time of the year in preparation for the winter. Like all other bugs, they're seeking warmer shelter. The autumn months also bring about everyone's favorite – spiders! A bimonthly pest control service provides a barrier to prevent these pests from getting inside.

Pest Control Year-Round

As stated above and throughout this blog, pests never really go away. Living on the coast of South Carolina the climate is always perfect for some insects, which means we never get a break from them. Some pests can even be seen throughout your home all the time, like spiders. The best way to prevent any of these pests from coming into your area is to have pest control every season.


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