The Most Common and Dangerous Bugs in South Carolina

graphic picture of fire ants, kissing bug, and a mosquito.

Living in South Carolina is a wonderful place to live – except for the dangerous bugs!

Three of the most dangerous and common bugs in South Carolina are the mosquito, fire ant, and the kissing bug. These pests may not look dangerous and are often tiny, but boy are they mighty!

What Makes Mosquitoes So Dangerous

What makes mosquitoes dangerous is their ability to spread diseases to millions of people. Mosquitos are blood-sucking insects that have multiple victims, spreading disease from one to another. The most common disease from mosquitoes is malaria. Thankfully, malaria is quite rare in the United States, let alone in South Carolina, but that doesn’t mean Americans are immune to the disease. Approximately 2000 cases of malaria are diagnosed each year in the US, most commonly in travelers returning from visiting endemic areas.

The disease South Carolinians do see is Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Although this disease is only reported a couple of times a year, it can be fatal or cause neurological problems. What makes this virus most dangerous is that there aren’t any vaccines or medicines to treat it. Your best defense in preventing mosquito bites is insect repellant, whether that’s on your body, or treating your yard and outside area. 

Fire Ants and Their Venom

Whether you live in South Carolina or have visited before, you’re probably aware of the massive fire ant hills on the sides of the roads and sidewalks. Fire ants are in almost every southern state from Texas to North Carolina. These pests both bite and sting which makes them double the trouble. Fire ants release venom when they latch onto your skin which causes immense burning and itching. Often these bite and sting marks will turn into blisters or fill with puss within a day or two. Fortunately, these attacks are rarely fatal unless the victim is allergic. In a serious case like that, it’s best to go to the emergency room right away. 

You can treat these attacks with an over-the-counter antihistamine and some itching cream. To prevent an attack from happening it’s best to get rid of these hills and colonies as soon as you can. Contact your pest control company for help. 

Why The Kissing Bug Is Dangerous

If you’ve lived in South Carolina your whole life and have never heard of the Kissing Bug, don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s only in recent years that experts have found this bug lingering in South Carolina. So, what do you need to know about the kissing bug? This insect gets its name from the area in which they like to bite humans. They are blood-sucking pests just like mosquitoes and prefer to bite the areas around humans’ mouths or around the face. 

These insects carry a parasite that deems them dangerous. Once this parasite gets into your body it can be serious and transfer Chagas Disease. Usually, people who get this disease don’t even know they really have it as the symptoms can be mild. Most people will experience a fever, swelling, and body aches that can be overlooked as they are similar to other common sicknesses. Some people experience these parasites living in their bodies for 10-20 years with minimal symptoms. Usually left untreated, it can cause congestive heart failure. The easiest and safest way to prevent these insects from coming into your home is to make sure your home is sprayed and sealed correctly by a professional pest control company. 

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