Tips For Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool & Backyard

It is almost pool season in the Lowcountry, and as the temperatures continue to rise the amount of time spent outdoors increases too. It is the time of year where your socially distanced get-togethers can migrate to your beautiful backyard. You may even be able to take a sunbath by the pool soon. However, before any of this there is one thing you need to take care of – the mosquito situation! Pesky mosquitoes really know how to spoil a party. We have all encountered times where these dangerous uninvited buzzing creatures have rained on our parade and forced us to move indoors. We have spent enough time inside amidst a global pandemic…this year we take our pools and backyards back from mosquitoes!

Although teeny tiny in size, these bloodsucking creatures post health issues that can be deadly. Just a few years ago, mosquitoes were in the news for spreading Zika Virus. In addition to Zika, they are known to transmit Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Dog Heartworm. It is not just discomfort and itch from bites we should worry about, but also the life-threatening diseases that they bring along to affect our health and peace of mind.

Unfortunately for us, mosquitoes’ very existence can never be eliminated, but steps can be taken to keep their population in check. Check out our tips and tricks below to help protect your pool and backyard (and ultimately you and your family!) from mosquitoes.

Keep Your Property Clean

The arrival of warmer weather does not just bring mosquitoes to your yard – it also welcomes overgrown grass! Yes, the overgrown grass and hedges may be soothing to the eye but they are an open invitation for mosquitoes. They love taking shelter in the cool shrubs on a warm day, so keeping all vegetation in and around your yard in check is a must. Cutting the grass regularly will also prevent these pests from making a home in your yard.

A tightly manicured yard is not appealing to mosquitoes, so make a schedule now for regular maintenance. If you have a doghouse in your backyard, make sure you keep it clean. Mosquitoes love to take shelter in dirty places! Even cleaning up a small water puddle can help you get rid of an entire family of mosquitoes at once.

Eliminate Current and Potential Water Reservoirs

This is where mosquitoes lay eggs, and they only need a small amount of water to do so. Check your property regularly for potential water reservoirs. Abandoned buckets in the backyard, unused inflatable pool toys, flowerpots, and the plates beneath them are ideal breeding spots for mosquitoes. Once you have identified the grey areas, check them for water regularly and empty them. At least once a week, empty/scrub/turn over/cover/recycle any item(s) that hold water. These items could include planters, pools, flowerpot saucers, buckets, birdbaths, or trash containers.

Keep Citronella Candles on Hand & Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants

Citronella is a natural mosquito repellent. Several candles or torches placed around the pool area in spots that are hard to reach for kids and pets will add additional protection. There are also certain plants that pesky mosquitoes can’t stand – strategically planting around your pool and property will help deter them from nesting. Foliage like citronella grass, catnip, vanilla leaf, and sagebrush are living natural repellants and also look great around your pool!

Regularly Monitor Your Pool Cover

The chlorine content in your pool water prevents mosquito larvae from surviving.

Lucky for Lowcountry pool owners, the water inside your pool itself is not ideal for mosquito larvae to survive because of the chlorine content. However, most pools are surrounded by concrete spaces which can carry stagnant water from rainfall or nearby sprinklers. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to lay eggs on, so it is pertinent to check the area around your pool regularly and remove any standing water.

Be Conscious of the Time

Mosquitoes bite at all hours of the day, however their prime feeding times are during dawn and dusk. Do your best to avoid spending time with your family outside during these times, as their risk of an uncomfortable encounter with mosquitoes is extremely high. However, if being outside during these times is unavoidable, do you best to take appropriate precautions to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Hire a Professional

It is always wise to let professionals take charge and deliver safe and highly effective mosquito control services. Our certified technicians know the best ways to fog your yard to save you and your beloved kids from being the prey of these thirsty creatures. Our monthly Mosquito Control Program runs March – October and effectively penetrates mosquito breeding areas and helps protect your yard… and your family… from aggravating and itchy mosquito bites. How does it work? Read on …

Our technicians utilize a mobile backpack system that allows them to gain access to the thickest foliage and other nooks and crannies where mosquitoes breed. A thin mist is applied that establishes an effective barrier to mosquito reproduction.

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