The Lowdown on Mosquitoes in Lowcountry South Carolina

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Stay protected this mosquito season by getting the lowdown on mosquitoes in Lowcountry South Carolina.

The climate of coastal South Carolina makes Hilton Head and surrounding areas a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The spring and summer months are made to be enjoyed outside, but no one wants to do that with pesky mosquitoes constantly biting. Here’s the lowdown on mosquitoes in Lowcountry South Carolina so that you can prepare for them before they arrive in force.

Mosquitoes Are Most Active at Dawn and Dusk

Bright sunlight can quickly dehydrate mosquitoes, which is why they prefer dawn and dusk. Plan your day accordingly by scheduling outdoor activities before the sun starts to set. Make sure to have bug spray on hand if you are going to be out during peak mosquito times.

Lowcountry South Carolina Mosquito Season

Mosquito season in Lowcountry areas like Hilton Head runs from March through October. The warmer it gets, the more mosquitoes we will start to see. While we will see activity in March and April, mosquitoes amp up their game in June and linger all summer long.

Mosquitoes Love the Lowcountry Rains

Mosquitoes consider Hilton Head Island the perfect playground with our warm temperatures and humidity. Add rain into the mix, and it becomes a mosquito paradise. Not only do they become more active after a rain, but rain can also dilute pest control treatments which also means they will stick around. Monthly mosquito treatments help to combat this problem.

How can I stop mosquitoes in Lowcountry South Carolina?

While there’s no way to eradicate these pesky buzzkills completely, there are a few things you can do to lower the amount of mosquito activity you see. These tips will make an evening outside much more enjoyable.

  • Get rid of areas of standing water.

  • Make sure your pools are properly maintained.

  • Schedule monthly mosquito treatments with a pest control company.

  • Consider a bat house for your yard.

  • Make sure your gutters are clean.

  • Take care of any leaf piles or other debris.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, monthly treatments are your best option for keeping your yard mosquito-free this season.

Monthly Mosquito Control in Lowcountry South Carolina

Hilton Head Exterminators has been providing pest control services since 1968. We offer three types of mosquito protection to best fit your needs: monthly services, permanent mosquito misting systems, and one-time special event treatments. Treatments will help diminish the current population while also reducing further breeding. Call us to ask about our current mosquito control specials for Lowcountry South Carolina residents.